Setting up a Student's Google Apps Account

This tool is used for the district staff that will be able to manage and create student Google accounts directly from within Illuminate. There is a specific permission for this. Currently: Principals, GIA, Teachers

Use Student Search 2.0 to access the student's profile (Students > Search 2.0 > Enter Search Criteria > Click Student's Name).

1. Once on their demographic details page, click Google Account.

Under Google Account:

2. Give the student's account a name (The system will automatically suggest one).

3. Select the domain for the account.

4. Set Temporary Password.

5. Force Student to Change Password (upon login).

6. Organizational Unit (The system will automatically suggest one). If not suggested, manually select, 
Kindergarden 2028
 1st Grade 2027
 2nd Grade 2026
 3rd Grade 2025
 4th Grade 2024
 5th Grade 2023
 6th Grade 2022
 7th Grade 2021
 8th Grade 2020
 9th Grade 2019
 10th Grade 2018
 11th Grade 2017
 12th Grade 2016

7. Click Create Account.