Air Server

How to install AirServer
  1. Download AirServer and run the installer.
  2. Click here to download AirServer for PC.
  3. If you have any installation errors, please click here to reach the AirServer support page.
  4. In the AirServer Activation window, enter the activation code (For the Activation Code please email [email protected])
  5. Click Activate. AirServer is now ready to use.
  6. No window will open on your computer until you begin streaming or mirroring content to AirServer.

How to set an Airserver Password and Why

When AirServer is running on your computer, it will be listed on any other iOS device connected to the same network. Anyone who sees your computer would be able to stream to AirServer unless you enable your password settings. AirServer for Windows allows you to enter a fixed password. Open AirServer preferences and select "Fixed Password." Enter a password of your choosing and hit the rebroadcast button. Anyone who tries to connect to AirServer would be prompted to enter the password. Without the correct password, they will not be able to stream or mirror to AirServer.