Problems with technology?
 We are here to get you back to teaching/working before you know it. If you are unable to find a solution on this webpage, we recommend you follow the following steps to get the best and most helpful support. 
  1. Please call/email/text your site tech person. If you don't know who that is, your school site secretary is a handy contact to have.
  2. If this is a problem your site tech person has experience with, they will try to help to the best of their ability. 
  3. If  they don't have any experience with the problem, or they need resources they don't have access to to fix it, they will then submit a MyTechDesk ticket. Tickets provide a fast and easy way to keep track of issues and make sure they are not forgotten. They also help us establish patterns and ensure widespread problems get a definite solution. 
  4. At this point the technology department will attempt to resolve the problem with the detailed information provided in the ticket and, if necessary, by visiting the classroom. If it is a simple problem we may just email a solution. More complicated problems may require technology to contact third party companies or purchase replacement equipment. While we try to keep a stock of items available to minimize wait times, we appreciate your patience in those times we need to order supplies/computers/accessories. 
  5. Hopefully at this point you are able to resume your teaching/work. 
We appreciate all the help you provide by following these steps. This way we are able to most efficiently organize our resources to best help you.