Set up Google Sync with your iOS device

This article is for Google Apps for Business, Education, and Government users. Other users should visit Sync Gmail, Calendar and Contacts for sync instructions for their iOS device. Learn more.

Follow the steps below to set up Google Sync on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

Getting Started

settings for mail, calendar, contacts on iphone add mail, calendar, and contacts account on iphone add Exchange account

  1. On your device's home screen, open the Settings application.
  2. Tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars.
  3. Tap Add Account.
  4. Tap Exchange. iOS 4.0+ allows multiple Exchange accounts. However, if you're on a device that doesn't let you add a second account, you could also use IMAP to sync Gmail, CalDAV to sync Google Calendar, and CardDAV to sync contacts.
  5. Enter your full Google Apps email address in the Email field and password in the Password field and tap Next.
  6. In the Server field, enter as your server address. Note: To access, set the language toEnglish (US).
  7. Leave the Domain field blank.
  8. In the Username field, enter your full Google Apps email address.
  9. Your password should already be in the Password field from step 5. If it's not, enter your Google Apps password in the Password field. Tap Next.

    add exchange server enter Exchange server for GmailSync mail, calendar, and contacts

  10. Select the Google services you want to sync, such as Mail, Contacts, and Calendars and tap Save. To receive and respond to meeting requests on your device, you need to turn on both Mail and Calendar and New events in your Google Calendar settings. See below for more information.

Congrats! You've set up Google Sync!

Synchronization will begin automatically if you have Push enabled on your device. You can also open the Mail, Calendar, or Contacts app and wait a few seconds to start a sync. Note that if you've recently signed up for Google Apps for Business, Education, or Government, it can take a few hours (up to 24) before you're able to sync with your mobile device.

Customize your Mail, Calendar, and Contact settings

To enable 'New events', sign in to your Google Calendar using the web browser on your phone or computer. Sign in to Google Calendar with your account and go to Calendar Settings > Calendars > Click on the Notifications for the calendar you want to sync. Under Email check 'New events' (and any of the other Invitation settings you want enabled e.g. changed events, cancelled events, event responses), and click Save.